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bodyforpeace's Journal

Body For Peace
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We wish for peace. We say it with our arms, legs, heads, toes. It's a wish for nations without war.

This is the LJ community for the Body for Peace Project. We are protesting the war with our bodies; you can snail mail photos to the community owner (email for address) to be included. These will be collected and mailed in an album to the White House in protest against the war in Iraq. Photos posted in the community are not automatically included in this, so don't worry if you don't want your pictures to be sent. They will only be sent if they're snail-mailed to me.

There are just a few guidelines to using the community:

1. Photos must be of yourself. If other people want to post their photos, then they'll join.

2. For legal reasons, you must be eighteen or older to post nude photos/view the LJ cuts which contain them. If you disobey this rule, fine, but I'm not responsible.

3. All nudity MUST be behind a livejournal cut with ample warning. This is meant to be an everybody-friendly community.