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28th January 2006

o_yes2:31am: One more way to use your body for peace . . .
So, I'm posting here to tell you about a world peace campaign I started a little while ago. I'll start out rather vague in the hopes of roping you in before you have a chance to think that this is a crackpot scheme.

What is this world peace campaign about? It is about reminding people that small actions can have a big impact. It is about encouraging people to put positive energy into their everyday activities. It is about questioning and challenging oppression. It is about promoting a positive attitude toward gender relations and body image. It is about promoting a healthy and wholistic attitude about bodies and sexuality.

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There is an LJ community for the campaign called O YES! that everyone who is interested is invited to join. This community is a place to hear how the campaign is evolving, hear what others are saying and make your own posts related to the campaign. I encourage everyone to join!

To join the 0yes community go to http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=0yes

To read what people are writing in this community go to http://www.livejournal.com/community/0yes/

11th April 2003

superdus10:00am: Peace Symbol Body Painting
Here's a body painting that I did on my friend Lucy in Trowbridge back in September 2000 - only the second body painting I had done in my entire life!!!


9th April 2003

superdus1:20pm: Anti-war body painting
Here are a couple from my website, http://www.bodypainting.co.uk/ which I painted on a juggler at a convention in Glasgow back in February, before the war began...


I've also discovered a similar community to this one, nude4peace which I'm a member of as well...

2nd April 2003

superdus10:25pm: Magic Markers for Peace :-)))
Well, it just had to be done! And what better excuse for writing all over myself with permanent marker than to protest against the war???

Hmm, trying to write on my chest was a right pain though, as I had to look in the mirror!!!

It would be much easier writing on other people, or having a friend write on me!!!

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brazenbells1:36pm: Just a little update today.
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21st March 2003

maishakenobi10:52pm: Go Peace!
Wow, Nish. This was a *great idea*!

As soon as I can find someone unafraid of taking partially nude photos, I'll send some to you! [goes to find her artsy sister]
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brazenbells9:59pm: Welcome to Body for Peace!
I thought I'd kick it off with a few of my very own photos.

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